Accessible buses

More than 80 per cent of Melbourne’s bus services are wheelchair-accessible on weekdays. Most bus services are wheelchair-accessible on the weekend and public holidays, except bus routes 453, 455, 457, 458 and 459, which operate in the Melton area and bus routes 431,...

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Accessible Trams

Low floor trams Low floor trams make travel safer and more comfortable, improving accessibility for all customers. Features of low floor trams include: colour-contrasting grab handles, step edging for people and improved customer service information via automated...

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Accessible trains

Customers who may need additional time to board are recommended to board towards the front of the train where the driver is close by. All metropolitan trains are wheelchair-accessible. Customers who need help boarding trains, should wait on the platform near the front...

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Mobility aids

Customers who use mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters or motorised vehicles) should consider the size of the area allocated on accessible public transport vehicles when selecting a mobility aid and planning a journey on public transport in Victoria. To...

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